To help you reach your health goals your treatment protocol is tailored to suit your lifestyle and take advantage of the best scientific information available using your choice of:

  • Nutritional medicine using foods you already enjoy eating

  • Targeted supplementation strategies

  • Evidence based botanical medicine

  • Lifestyle solutions such as rest and relaxation, sleeping strategies, movement options and joyful activities.

Treatment protocols are based on your presenting symptoms, diagnosed medical conditions and comprehensive testing.  

Comprehensive testing options include:

  • In-clinic testing including iridology

  • Referral for standard pathology & functional pathology.

  • Ongoing fatigue, weight gain and hair loss in thyroid conditions tests may include: Reverse T3, thyroid antibodies, iodine, full hormonal profile including oestrogen, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, cortisol and melatonin

  • Problems with female hormones such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, PMT symptoms such as food cravings and changed mood:  Full hormonal profile, oestrogen metabolites

  • Skin issues:  Full hormone profile, food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies.

  • Food Detective Testing.

Your first consultation

  • Will cover your health goal and the timeframe within which you would like to achieve it

  • How you feel currently and any symptoms you’d like to work on improving/relieving

  • Previous medical history

  • Your family medical history if it is known

  • Medications you currently use & may have previously been prescribed

  • Any supplements you currently take as well as any lurking in the cupboard you’d like to use up

  • In-clinic tests including iridology

  • Referral to either standard or functional pathology & letter/s to your treating medical professionals if needed

  • Discussion on possible causes of the symptoms you are experiencing

  • Treatment protocol options are discussed and you choose your preferred method of progressing.  With each treatment program the goal is to use remedies that are safe, proven to be effective, easy to undertake and affordable.

  •  Timelines for treatment established.

  • 1 hour $129.

Results Review Appointments

  • Review of any tests undertaken

  • Review of how you are feeling

  • Review of the treatment protocol

  • Treatment protocol is refined based on your response and the knowledge gained from testing

  • 1 hour $94.

Follow up consultations

  • Review of how you are feeling

  • Review of the treatment protocol

  • Treatment protocol is refined based on your response and preferences

  • 1 hour $89


You can find more information on how to book an appointment with me via email or phone on my Contact page.

If you’d like to book directly online, appointments can be made online via the Mayfield Medical Connection online booking system. On the booking appointment page, at the menu item ‘Show available times for’ select ‘Naturopathy’ and you can choose an appointment from this menu that suits you.