Treating Cranky Thyroids

“Sonia provided me with the tools and confidence to heal my hyperthyroid condition naturally, with diet and lifestyle management.  I have been symptom-free since following Sonia’s treatment plan, and my tests results are now consistently within normal range.  I strongly recommend Sonia for the treatment of thyroid conditions.” - H.H, Lambton, NSW.

 Cooling Hot Flashes & Restoring Mood

“Before I saw Sonia I had hot flashes during the day and night.  At night they would wake me up and leave me dripping in sweat. The interruption to my sleep was starting to wear me out and I could tell that my mood was not as stable as I usually like it to be.

Sonia put me on a herbal mix and some simple stress management techniques and within 2 weeks I started to see a reduction in my symptoms and then as was explained to me my hot flashes pretty much disappeared after only a month or two of treatment at which time I stopped taking the herbal mix.

Now I am down to only 1-2 hot flashes and they are much more mild and bearable and I am off the herbal mix.

Sonia also prompted me to check on my cholesterol levels and as she predicted they were high.  She gave me advice on how to reduce these if I wanted to use natural methods.

On occasion when the hot flashes reappear, school holidays mainly, I just get another mix which seems to stabilise the hot flashes once more.” - Jenny, 51, North Lambton, NSW.

Fighting Fatigue, Stopping 3pm Cravings & Crashes & Eliminating Food Intolerances

“Sonia, Thank you so much for your expert knowledge and genuine care and consideration over the last few months. I truly appreciate your support to dramatically improve my health, and most importantly, empower me with the information I need to maintain a healthy body.

I have been transformed from a person running on adrenaline with multiple allergies, who reached for a daily 3pm sugar hit and was exhausted by the time I got home from work, to a person who no longer craves sugar, is without allergies, and has a consistent, balanced energy level from morning until night. This gift of health and energy has allowed me to be more productive at work, pursue hobbies outside of work, and enjoy a better quality of life.

Being able to understand what was happening in my body, why it was happening and being supported in a way that aligned with my lifestyle (and hip-pocket!) was a real gift. Thanks to you, I have a much deeper connection with my body, can identify my body’s signals if something is off balance, and address it before it progresses.” - JR, Eleebana, NSW.

Recovering Wellness & HSC Support

“With Sonia’s knowledge, passion and guidance I am restoring my health back into balance. She is a wealth of information and I am very grateful she is willing to work with me to improve my health when so many health practitioners don’t seem to care.

I have taken my 17 year old daughter to see her too as she is amidst a stressful HSC year, Sonia’s advice is really helping her. Investing in your health is the most important thing you can do because without that you have nothing. I highly recommend seeing Sonia if this is the journey you are wanting to take.” - KC Toronto, NSW.