PCOS & Boosting Fertility


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is on the increase causing rising rates of devastating infertility. But sadly that’s not all.  It’s also found with insulin resistance which means for PCOS gals they experience debilitating fatigue, easy weight gain / difficulty losing weight and a higher chance of diabetes. 

The buzz around a supplement called myo-inositol has been so strong that a high quality review was performed on all of the scientific trials undertaken around the world.  This factual report concluded myo-inositol taken by  PCOS gals may:

•          cause ovulation

•          raise progesterone levels

•          lower testosterone levels

•          lower insulin levels after eating sugar (glucose)

•          and cause weight loss!

Remarkably, in all the studies analysed, no side effects were reported at the doses of both 2 and 4 g/day.  It is worthwhile sharing the 4 g/day did cause a more complete and effective treatment in those with PCOS.

Let’s hear from the scientists of this report:

“MYO (myo-inositol) mechanism of action appears to be mainly based on improving insulin sensitivity of target tissues, resulting in a positive effect on the reproductive axis (MYO restores ovulation and improves oocyte quality) and hormonal functions (MYO reduces clinical and biochemical hyperandrogenism and dyslipidemia) through the reduction of insulin plasma levels.”

There is also some VERY exciting research on inositol and slow thyroid function

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Sonia McNaughton