International Women’s Day #IWD


International Women’s Day is one of the most important days in the calendar for women. Since the 1900s it has both celebrated women’s achievements and sought to stimulate discussion on progress in women’s issues.

It’s easy as a woman in 2019 to reap the fruits of the labour of our sisters whose blood, sweat and tears have provided me the life of privilege I now enjoy.  The women who starved themselves on hunger strikes and were violently force fed for me to gain the right to vote.  Women who flung off their bras as they wished to fling off the restrictions on them in the workforce so I could be considered equally as any man for any job.  

It’s easy to think there is nothing we can do to move the cause of women forward today and feel justified in doing nothing. Yet small changes in our attitude and the way we talk to and about each other can change the world for women!

In my job, I see first hand the destructive aftermath on my female clients of comments on womens’ appearance in social media, jokes and japes at home, and overheard whispers at work.

This International Women’s Day, let’s hold back judgement and criticism on and with our friends, our family and our co-workers to end the evaluation of women based on their appearance.  Whether you know the person or not let’s just not.

This one small change could grow into a movement that changes our world!

Whatever you choose to do today, whether you wear purple to symbolise justice and dignity or not, why don’t we all commit to freeing women from the stifling chains of judgement of our worth based on our appearance.

In health,

Sonia x

Sonia McNaughton