Hashimoto's or Graves Disease and Still Feeling Tired, Sick & Moody?


Vitamin D levels are often low in Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism as well as Graves hyperthyroidism.  

Unfortunately low ‘sunshine vitamin’ levels mean possibly a higher risk for a whole host of problems including:

•          depression

•          osteoporosis

•          inability to resist colds and ‘flus.

Spending more time lolling about in the sun unfortunately may not work alone as a strategy for increasing Vitamin D levels in those with Hashimoto’s and Graves as they may not be able to make vitamin D from sunshine in enough quantity to provide full benefit. 

So if you have Hashimoto’s or Graves, are hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, and you are feeling down, getting sick a lot and tired all the time make sure you get your vitamin D levels checked. 

Personally I encourage my Hashimoto’s & Graves clients to have their Vitamin D levels tested at the end of summer which should be at their highest level. 

In health,

Sonia x

Sonia McNaughton