A Healthy Delicious Fast Lunch


Keeping on track with my 2019 goals gets hard when I’m time poor!  What I need is a quick and healthy meal to help me stay alert, calm and full throughout my busy afternoon while lovin’ my liver.

Challenge accepted!

Carrot & Beetroot Salad (with thanks to Everyday Cookbook)


1 carrot

2 beetroot (raw)

1/2 green apple

1/4 red onion


Blitz together in food processor / Thermomix 3 secs (speed 5 for Thermie lovers).

Dump into large bowl & take 1 serving for lunch. Cover tightly and enjoy the rest with dinner.  I don’t find I need a dressing with this salad as the beetroot, carrot, apple and onion all get very moist when you process them together.

This salad is paleo, AIP (autoimmune paleo protocol), thyroid friendly, Mediterranean diet friendly, low calorie, low fat… this salad could join the United Nations it crosses so many different diet boundaries! 

I add a tin of Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon to this meal to boost the protein, calcium, essential fatty acid content and most importantly for me personally balance my blood sugar levels so I stay energised and calm all afternoon!

I drain the tin into a sink and with a fork mush the bones into the salmon flesh so they become one with the salmon.

Making the salad and adding the salmon takes only a few moments so really most of my 5 minutes is spent cleaning up!  I rinse the food processor bowl and drain it on the sink and pop my leftovers in the fridge.  I also had time to spare to take a quick pic & upload to Instagram. 

Do you have a healthy ‘go-to’ lunch idea you can make in less than 5 mins? I’d love to hear it!

In health,

Sonia x

Sonia McNaughton